An adjustment of status refers to a change in your immigration status. It is the process by which an individual becomes a legal permanent resident within the U.S.

For example, if you are a nonimmigrant or a parolee, you can have your status adjusted to become an immigrant or permanent resident. Not everyone is eligible for an adjustment of status, and there is a specific legal process that must be followed by those who are eligible.

At Monty & Ramirez, we can help someone to obtain an adjustment of status in Greater Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Whether the immigrant is a spouse, a son or a daughter, a parent or an employee, we can assist in completing the necessary paperwork, providing the documentation and going through the right legal channels to have immigration status changed. Call today to get the Greater Houston adjustment of status process started.

Greater Houston Adjustment of Status Process

An adjustment of status allows for someone who is already in the United States to become a permanent resident and obtain a green card without having to go back to his or her own country in order to obtain a visa at a consulate.

In order to get an adjustment of status in Greater Houston, there must be a legal basis for immigrating.  Someone typically has to file a petition on behalf of the person seeking adjustment of status; although there are exceptions when the immigrant is seeking asylum or is a refugee.

An immigrant petition to get the adjustment of status process started can be filed by:

  • A family member who is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident who filed the Family Petition, form I-130.
  • An employer. The required form for an employer to file is an  Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, form I-140.
  • An immigrant who is planning to start a business or make a significant investment in a business venture.  The immigrant must file the form on his own behalf, and the required form is the    Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, form I-526.

In addition to filing the petition, it is also necessary for the person seeking an adjustment of status to file a Form I-485, which is an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.  Concurrent filing is sometimes possible, which means that the immigrant petition and the Adjust Status application can be submitted at the same time.  Concurrent filing can make things faster, but isn’t always allowed because an immigrant visa must be available before filing an adjustment of status.

An immigrant Visa will need to be available for status to be adjusted, and there may be additional requirements as well including an Application Support Center appointment, and an interview.  The person seeking to immigrate needs to do everything required to keep the immigration process moving forward and to secure the adjustment of status.

Getting Help with an Adjustment of Status in Greater Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

When you or a loved one is seeking an adjustment of status, it is very important that everything is done right so that immigration is possible.  At Monty & Ramirez, our experienced attorneys can help to ensure that all documentation is submitted and that you have the very best chance of moving quickly through the process of securing permanent residency.  Our online immigration information also allows immigrants and family members to be up-to-date on how the adjustment of status is moving forward.

Call or contact us online today to learn more about how we can help with a Greater Houston adjustment of status to permanent resident so you can get started with this immigration process today.  At Monty and Ramirez, we know what works.®