Many people are able to obtain visas to enter the United States to live permanently as immigrants based on an employer or family member sponsoring and petitioning for them.

Others have employers who petition for them to enter the United States to live temporarily as non-immigrants because they have specialized knowledge; are managers and executives of multi-national companies or are needed to do jobs in America.

Self-Employed Entering the United States to Live Permanently or Temporarily

In other cases, you may have a great business idea or some skills that you can use to grow and thrive within the United States. Instead of having an employer petition for you, you may want to petition to come to the U.S. on your own so you can start your own business or make investments to live permanently or to enter the United States to live temporarily.

There are immigration opportunities and non-immigrant visas available for many professionals who want to come here to work for themselves or for others. However, there are specific legal steps that need to be taken, which can vary depending upon what the grounds are that make you eligible to enter the United States. Monty & Ramirez can help you identify opportunities and apply to enter the U.S. either to immigrate here or to come and work temporarily.

Options for Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Professionals

Professionals who may become eligible to immigrate to the United States based on their abilities, business knowledge or business and investment ideas may include:

  • Individuals with extraordinary ability.
  • Multi-national managers and executives.
  • Individuals with specialized knowledge.
  • Investors.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Religious workers.

In Greater Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, the right type of visa to apply for as a business professional will vary based on which of these categories you fall into. For example, a person who is coming to the United States to take steps to open a new business (like getting office space or negotiating a contract) could obtain a B-1 Business Visa for non-immigrants.

A person who has specialized knowledge could apply for an H-1B visa to work in a U.S. business in an occupation that normally requires a bachelor’s or advanced degree and experience.

A O-1A Visa is available for those with extraordinary and demonstrable abilities in fields like science, business, athletics or education, while an E-2 Treaty investor can come to the U.S. based on investing a substantial amount of money in a business.

These are just a few examples of the many different ways that someone who is a smart and capable worker or entrepreneur could gain entry to the U.S.  An experienced immigration attorney will assist you in determining if there is an option to obtain a visa based on your business knowledge and skill.

Getting Legal Help with Greater Houston Employment-Based Petitions

At Monty & Ramirez, our experienced Greater Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth immigration lawyers know that coming to America to work in a rewarding job or invest in a growing company is the ultimate American dream. Let us help you achieve that dream by securing the right to enter the U.S. on a temporary visa or to stay in the U.S. and move towards becoming a permanent resident.

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